Walk in Cold Rooms

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Walk in cold rooms can be used to store a variety of products and foods in a low temperature environment. They represent a reliable and hygienic storage solution for fresh food, pharmaceuticals, plasma, blood products, and chemicals.

They can also be used to protect valuable equipment and goods from the elements. There are many different types of cold room available and they can be tailored to suit your requirements. It is important to consider the size of your space and where you want to build the cold room before choosing a design.

In addition to the main cold room, you will need to choose a power supply and refrigeration equipment, as well as the required controls. This includes alarms, recorders and defrosting water supplies. It is important to make sure that all electrical components are connected correctly and that the sealing of the cold room is in good condition.

Maximizing Space and Efficiency: The Advantages of Walk-in Cold Rooms

Depending on the type of cold room you need, there are several insulation options available to you. The most popular choice for large walk-in cold rooms is an aluminum insulated panel. Other options include foam and polyurethane.

To reduce heat flow, the cold room should be equipped with a thermal curtain at the door. This will prevent the temperature fluctuation that occurs when the doors are opened and closed. It will also save energy. The curtains can be a strip curtain, made from thick plastic sheets cut into strips, or an air curtain, which is a wall of air that is blown at high velocity directly above the door.

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