The Seahorse Pro Plus Is a Versatile Nectar Collector

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seahorse pro plus

If you’re in the market for a new nectar collector, then look no further than the seahorse pro plus. This model is a versatile option that can be used with any 510-threaded oil cartridges and has the ability to attach a hose for water pipe compatibility. This allows for cooler, water-filtered vapor and enhances flavor and potency.

The seahorse pro plus is a very compact device that is easy to use. All the controls are located on one side of the unit, including the firing button and a mouthpiece. The device is powered by a 650-milliampere (mAh) battery that is rechargeable via USB. It takes about an hour to charge from 0 and can last for several dabbing sessions.

When the battery is fully charged, you can activate one of the three available temperature settings by pressing the firing button five times. The device will then cycle through the different voltage settings until it finds the one you want to use. Pressing the button again will turn on session mode, which starts with a 15-second pre-heat cycle indicated by a flashing light, then holds the selected voltage for 30 seconds.

Seahorse Pro Plus: Your Guide to Enhanced Dabbing Sessions

The Seahorse also comes with a food-grade quartz tip and a removable coil that’s easy to clean. It’s recommended to sanitize the coil and mouthpiece with isopropyl alcohol before each use. In addition, you can run the quartz tip through a burn-off cycle to remove any residual resin. Overall, the seahorse is a convenient and reliable nectar collector that’s easy to use and doesn’t require extensive maintenance.

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