The Best Strollers for Newborns for Active Lifestyles

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The Best Strollers for Newborns for Active Lifestyles

Discover the best strollers for newborns for your precious little ones in a stroller is one of the biggest new-baby purchases you’ll make, so it pays to shop smart. Luckily, there are seriously amazing strollers available at budget-friendly prices. And if you’re patient, you can often nab one during shopping holidays like Black Friday and Prime Day.

Strollers come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs. For example, parents who live in cities might appreciate a narrower stroller that can easily navigate tighter doorways and city streets, while those who plan on running with their baby might want a jogging stroller that has souped-up suspension for rough terrain.

Stay Active with Your Newborn: Top 5 Strollers for Active Parents

Double strollers are ideal for parents with twins or children close in age who want to be able to ride side by side. Some offer the ability to add a second seat or bassinet, while others come in tandem configurations with two seating areas and no option for adding an extra rider.

Travel system strollers include an infant car seat that clicks into the skeleton of the stroller, making it easy to transfer your baby from car to stroller without waking them. They usually cost more than stand-alone strollers, but the convenience they provide can save you time and energy during your busy days.

Lightweight strollers are designed to fold compactly and offer a basic set of features (including a sun canopy, cup holders and a reclined seat). Some have a lightweight frame, while others feature air-filled tires that make for an extra-smooth ride over any type of terrain.

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