Thailand Gaming – A Growing Industry

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Currently, Thailand has over 28 million gamers. These gamers are spread across mobile devices and PCs. Amongst these gamers, mobile gaming is the most popular platform. Mobile game purchases account for 69% of the SEA’s overall video game revenues.

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Thailand’s gaming scene is gaining momentum. Many gamers have begun using social networking platforms like Twitter to talk about the latest games, tips, and other things related to gaming.

In Thailand, a เกมคาสิโนสดยอดนิยมสูงสุดในไทยปี2022 expo drew over 120,000 attendees, with many local game design and development firms displaying their latest creations. It was co-sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Siam Paragon.

NewZoo’s research revealed strong growth in the Thai gaming industry. It estimates that the market will be worth over $1 billion in the next five years. It forecasts that the market will see a 15 percent increase in revenue each year. It also estimates that the market will reach $2 billion by 2025.

It’s not surprising that Thailand has become a popular place for gamers. The government has been supportive of the industry. It has set up the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, which has focused on five main areas: mobile devices, gaming machines, gaming apps, online gaming and the digital content industry.

It’s also interesting to note that Thailand is close to legalizing casinos. MGM Resorts International and Las Vegas Sands have expressed interest in building a casino in the country.

The Thai gaming industry has received significant funding and support from the government. The Digital Economy Promotion Agency was established in 2017 to support the growth of the industry.

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