Sliding Security Gate

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A sliding security gate is a great way to add an extra level of safety and protection to a building or property. These gates are strong and stable, which helps to prevent burglars from breaking into a property. Additionally, these gates can be equipped with sensors, which help to increase the overall security of a facility.

Sliding gates are also ideal for situations where the access point is particularly wide. This is because these types of gates run along a track, rather than swinging freely like a conventional swing gate would. Lastly, these gates are often less noisy than swinging gates as they do not need to swing open in order to move.

Exploring Sliding Security Gates: A Practical Solution for Business Security

The process of opening or closing a sliding security gate starts when the user initiates a command through a remote control, keypad, or other device. This signal is then sent to the gate motor, which activates and causes the gate to move. During this process, it is vital that the sensor detects any blockages or obstacles, and if they are detected, the system will reverse and return the gate to its closed position.

Sliding security gates are a popular choice for commercial or industrial applications, due to their durability and strength. These gates are often fully welded and hot-dipped galvanized, which provides maximum corrosion resistance. They are also designed to withstand high-usage environments, with clear openings up to 20 metres.

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