Planning Permission For Staircases

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Planning Permission for Staircases

Whether you are renovating your Certified Stair lifts or installing a new external one, it is important to determine whether planning permission will be needed in advance of the project. This process ensures that plans adhere to regulations and do not affect neighboring properties. It’s also an opportunity to address any objections and concerns. Having an experienced team on hand to guide you through this process will help ensure that the entire installation and approval process is smooth.

Staircase Design

The decision as to whether or not you require planning permission for a staircase will depend on several factors. These can include the size of the stairs, their design, and where they are situated on your property. The dimensions of a staircase are governed by building codes and need to comply with specified tread widths, riser heights, and headroom requirements. In addition, landings are required at intermediate points to break long straight flights and at points of ingress and egress.

There are also restrictions on the height and size of staircases within particular areas. This is especially true for Listed buildings and those in conservation areas. It is therefore important to be aware of local size limits and to ensure that your plans comply with these restrictions to avoid any issues or delays with the application process. It is also helpful to engage with neighbors as early on in the process as possible, to address any concerns and to minimize objections.

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