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A1 Visas OCI services has been providing agents with the products, tools and services to help them serve their clients and increase their income since 2002. Completing this form does not get you contracted with a carrier, and only sets up OCI as your general agency partner.

Special Agents are experienced in a variety of traditional law enforcement investigative methods and professional contacts to successfully bring cases to successful conclusion. They receive ongoing advanced training in FDA food and drug laws, interviewing techniques, financial crimes, computer forensics and asset forfeiture. They also have the authority to carry firearms, search and seize property, and obtain arrest warrants in U.S. states and territories. Additionally, OCI is supported by a diverse staff of professionals including investigative support specialists, polygraph examiners and information technology experts.

Locating OCI Agents: Your Guide to Finding the Nearest OCI Services

Ensure that your platform image supports Oracle Cloud Agent before you start the plugin. You can use the getInstance and listInstances API calls to check whether your platform supports the plugin, and to enable or disable it for an instance. Functionality that depends on the plugin, such as monitoring or autoscaling, will not work if the plugin is disabled. You can configure the plugin to restart automatically after each instance reboots.

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