Magic Mushroom Spores UK

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Magic Mushroom Spores UK

Buying and selling magic mushrooms are illegal in the UK. This is because the mushroom is classified as a class A drug. That means it can carry an unlimited fine.

Magic mushrooms are a class of hallucinogenic fungi. They alter the user’s reality to provide them with a spiritual experience. It is possible for a person to experience a trip that lasts hours or even days.

Although the effects of the magic mushroom are unpredictable, it is believed that they can cause an increase in blood pressure. This could lead to a heart attack or stroke. It is also said that a psilocybin induced hallucination may cause panic or stress. See More:

Long-term effects of magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are thought to have been used in tribal ceremonies as early as 200 CE. They are known to be used in Western medicine to treat depression and asthma. In Eastern medicine, they are believed to be used to treat gout.

There is some controversy over whether or not magic mushrooms are legal in the United Kingdom. While it is illegal to pick them, it is not illegal to own them. The UK has its own classification of illegal drugs, which goes from A to C.

A magic mushroom grows out of spores. These spores are like seeds. Basically, the spores need to be in a moist and dark area, where the air is rich in CO2. The surrounding environment should be conducive to mycelium growth.

The best place to grow magic mushrooms is in a secluded spot. The soil should be moist, but must be free of debris. It should also have a subsurface flow of water. Swales and slopes can supply this.

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