Lucien Piccard Watches Review 2023

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Designed with the businessman in mind, this timepiece delivers the look of luxury without having to take a hammer to your piggy bank. Its most striking feature is its black and silver colorway, a combination that instantly conveys class and sophistication. It also comes with a genuine leather strap that is embossed to resemble alligator skin, further adding to its luxurious appeal.

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Another feature worth noting about this watch is its dial. Its thin Roman numerals have a metallic appearance and are plated, which helps to add to its aesthetic. Unlike other dress watches, however, this model does not come with any lume on its hands. This is a shame, as the black background would have looked great with some light reflecting off its hands. Source :

As for its case, it is made of stainless steel and has a high-quality gold finish plated on. It looks so good, that you might not even be able to tell it isn’t solid gold. Its bezel is a bit thicker than those of most other watches, but it does help to give this one a distinctive look.

While Lucien Piccard is no longer considered a luxury watchmaker, the brand does still make some very good timepieces at an affordable price. These are the kind of watches that you can wear to a formal business meeting or to a reunion, and they will never look out of place. Shop 1stDibs for a wide selection of Lucien Piccard watches that are sure to suit your taste.

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