Is Mail Order Marijuana Legal?

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For some time now, it has been relatively easy for people to legally purchase marijuana and have it delivered directly to their homes. However, purchasing cannabis products online hasn’t always been without its risks. For those in states and countries that don’t allow the sale of cannabis in physical stores, mail order can be an excellent option. It allows consumers to have access to the best cannabis in their area without the hassle of driving to a store and waiting in line to buy it.

Mail order marijuana through the post isn’t as easy as it seems. According to federal law, the transport of Schedule 1 drugs such as pot can be punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000. And despite the fact that Canada has promised to legalize marijuana, it’s still illegal to ship any form of the drug through the country’s postal system.

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Postal inspectors can’t simply open packages that are suspected of containing illicit substances, but they do have the authority to request consent from mailers or addressees to open their packages. Those packages are then either disposed of or returned to their senders, depending on the situation.

As for the legality of buying marijuana through the mail, it depends on your state’s laws and where you live. To avoid breaking the law, make sure you are buying from a licensed retailer that only sells legal cannabis. Ensure that they are registered with your local health department and are using odor-proof packaging. Also, make sure you are submitting all required documents before placing your order, such as a government-issued ID and a copy of your medical marijuana card.

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