How to Validate Email Addresses

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how to validate email address? If your business runs on email marketing campaigns, it’s important that your mailing lists contain valid and accurate data. This process helps improve your deliverability rate, protects you from fraud and false information, and saves space on your servers. It also helps you avoid high hard bounce rates that hurt your sender reputation and reduce the number of messages that end up in the spam folders.

How do you verify if an email address is real or fake?

Invalid email addresses typically have one of two problems: typographical errors or syntax errors. The latter are easy to identify and fix manually, while typos aren’t always so obvious.

To check the accuracy of an email address, you can use standalone validation tools or a service that offers email verification as part of its platform. These services are designed to perform several checks, including checking the syntax of an email address (e.g., whether it contains a “@” symbol and domain name), looking up the IP address of an email address, and performing MX lookups to verify that the domain is active.

There are also methods you can try on your own, but these tend to be tedious and ineffective if you have an extensive list to validate. These include asking a subscriber to confirm their email address after sign-up, or using an opt-in approach where the subscriber is required to respond in order for you to verify their email. These methods can be very effective, but they aren’t scalable or ideal for large email marketing lists.

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