How to Use a Puppy Kennel

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A puppy kennel is an indoor, enclosed area that can provide your dog with a secure and comfortable place to rest. It is used as a training aid, to help teach your dog to be calm in an enclosed space, and for short-term confinement during travel or when you are unable to supervise your pet. You can find a variety of sizes and designs, with some crates able to adjust as your dog grows. If you are looking for a place to board your dog, be sure to check out the facility and read online comments or reviews before you make a reservation. You can also bring your dog in for a visit to see how well they fit into the kennel environment and how they are handled by staff members. Read more

Crate training

Start by introducing your puppy to her new space by feeding her regular meals close to or inside the crate. Gradually increase the time you leave her in the crate, but only until she begins to associate it with resting and not being alone. If she whines to be let out, you have increased the amount of time too quickly and should slow down.

Teach her to enter the crate on cue by dropping treats inside and using hand signals or verbal commands like “go into your crate” and “crate up.” When she goes into the crate of her own accord, praise her and give her a treat.

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