How to Size Canvas Wall Art Large

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canvas wall art large

Oversized art is a great way to add an instant focal point to any room in your home. It also helps to strengthen your overall decor and add a beautiful accent that is both eye-catching and well-balanced. However, many men and women can be hesitant to purchase large art due to two very common concerns – that it is not affordable or that it is too difficult to transport.

The key to overcoming these concerns is sizing your canvas wall art large print properly for the space in which you are hanging it. The right canvas size will ensure that your piece is aesthetically pleasing and does not feel overwhelming or detract from other elements of the room. Choosing the correct canvas size can be simple with a few easy steps.

Beyond Boundaries: Elevating Spaces with Striking Large Canvas Wall Art

First, you will need to measure the height and width of your blank wall to determine the ideal canvas print size for your space. To find this, you can simply use a tape measure to mark off the space on your wall and then multiply both the height and width of your space by 0.60 or 0.75 to get the low end of the ideal canvas size range.

After determining the ideal canvas size for your space, you will need to measure and mark where you would like to hang your piece on the wall. Be sure to mark off stud locations so that you can install the appropriate hardware for your canvas. Lastly, you will need to hold the canvas up against the wall to make sure that it is positioned as desired. If needed, you can mark off additional spaces with painter’s tape or sticky notes until you are satisfied with the placement of your canvas.

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