Athena Weapons Detection System

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Seeing carnage from mass shootings in Las Vegas and schools inspired Athena Security to develop its first product, a gun/weapon detection platform. It enables building security and law enforcement to proactively alert people about potential threats as soon as they appear on video.

What is weapon control system?

AI algorithms instantly analyze imagery and determine the type of gun (long gun or pistol). It also automatically notifies security officials via email or text message with information about the person with the gun, their location and type of gun.

Elevated Temperature Detection: Athena’s temperature Weapons Detection System is highly accurate (+-0.2 accuracy) with an HSRP (Heat Source Reference Point/ Blackbody). It is designed to screen for a variety of threats, including those who have an elevated body temperature due to infection with COVID-19, a dangerous contagious virus that can cause serious health consequences.

Concealed Weapon Detection: Athena’s concealed weapon detection system uses thermal cameras to identify weapons as they are tucked in waistbands and a pocket or other concealed areas. The images are instantly sent to a client’s security team, so that they can react and help people faster.

Healthcare Violence Reporting: Hosanna Christian Academy’s principal Mike Marino says that he wanted a safety system that passed government standards for weapon detection but one that would not make students feel like they were in a high-risk area. He discovered that Athena’s solution stayed below that threshold, allowing the school to be compliant without putting students or staff in an unsafe situation.

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