3 of the Best Weed Vaporizers Available in the UK

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best weed vaporizer uk

There are a lot of different herb best weed vaporizer uk available on the market, from simple and cheap to app controlled and finely calibrated, but which is best for you? This article takes a look at three of the best weed vaporizer uk on the market, based on quality, price and ease of use.

First up is the Mig Vapor Torpedo, this is a great little dry herb vaporizer that does everything you need it to do and comes in a range of stylish colours. It’s made primarily from polished aluminium with a premium mouthpiece and has a simple, user friendly design. It’s easy to use, just turn it on, set your temperature and you’re ready to go, a few seconds later and you’ll be sipping your first clouds.

Unveiling the Top Weed Vaporizers in the UK: A Comprehensive Review and Comparison

Next up is the Pax 3, this is a dual use vaporizer that can switch between loose leaf and concentrates (by switching out the insert). It’s one of the best looking herb vaporizers out there but it’s not just about the looks. The Pax 3 uses a dynamic heating system and convection to extract the active ingredients from your cannabis, this helps to avoid the ‘hot-spots’ that you might experience with other devices. It also has a great battery, from a full charge you can get up to four sessions.

Finally we have the Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit, this isn’t a portable device but it is incredibly well engineered and works like a dream. It utilises a ‘vacuum’ system to vaporise your cannabis, it pumps air into the chamber at a set temperature and the air is then pulled through the plant and into a balloon that you can detach and inhale from. It’s an expensive vaporizer but it has an outstanding ten year warranty and is worth every penny!

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