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MRI Bucharest

RMN Bucuresti is a noninvasive procedure that provides high-resolution images of the internal organs, tissues and skeletal system. It allows doctors to detect diseases that cannot be seen with other diagnostic methods such as X-rays and CT scans. It also helps doctors to determine if the blood vessels in a particular area are healthy or diseased. An MRI can identify tumors, infections and injuries in the body and it can show how well the brain functions.

Before the examination, patients should remove any metal objects from their body, such as hearing devices, dental plaque, watches and hairpins, as they can be attracted by the magnet used for scanning. They should also empty their pockets of any coins, credit cards or other objects that contain magnetic bands, as they can be demagnetized. Patients must remain as still as possible during the examination, as movement can cause blurry images. They will hear tapping, clicking, and thumping noises during the test and they may have to hold their breath for short intervals. Earplugs can be provided to reduce the noise. In some cases, a contrast dye is used to help the doctor see certain areas better and this will be administered through an intravenous line into the patient’s arm.

MRI for All: Accessibility and Inclusivity in Bucharest’s Healthcare Landscape

The MedicalES Burghele 2 center is equipped with the latest General Electric SIGNA Explorer 1.5T equipment, which uses advanced technology for acquiring images that are much clearer than those produced with classic image reconstruction technologies. This guarantees the security of a quick examination and the highest quality clinical information, maximizing patient comfort.