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Tennis Court Repairs

Tennis Court Repairs

While regular maintenance and simple repairs like filling cracks and repairing puddles will help keep your court in good shape for a while, eventually your courts are going to need a more comprehensive fix. A resurfacing and repainting process will repair many of the problems your court might have and provide a smoother playing surface. Find out:

Resurfacing a tennis court involves stripping off the existing coating and applying new acrylic surface that meets ITF standards for playability. It’s a more extensive and expensive process than simply repairing cracks or patching, but it will restore the integrity, toughness, and overall quality of your court and improve the playing experience.

Cracks, Bumps, and Fading: Understanding Common Tennis Court Problems

In addition to resurfacing the court, the contractor will also repair any drainage issues that might be present by caulking and sealing cracks in the base of the court or around the water line. If you have a lot of birdbaths or low spots that hold standing water, the contractor may install a geotextile membrane or layer of stone screenings and a concrete overlay.

Some courts may need more involved crack repair methods such as the ARMOR crack repair system or fiberglass reinforcement. This is a more costly option than acrylic crack fillers but will be the best way to properly repair cracks that are in danger of growing wider and deeper.